On the Way to Eternal Open-Mindedness

On the Way to Eternal Open-MindednessSilver A’ Design Award for Interconnection


Author:Zsuzsanna Benkó

Date:02 May 2018

The A’ Design Award and Competition is the biggest competition for designers and creatives. No category for us? No problem. Limelight Projection Mapping won the Silver A’ Design Award in the category of Lightning Products and Lightning Projects Design as the only projection mapping project, competing with lightning design works. 

Interconnection, the project that won the Silver A’ Design Award, received both The Jury and The People’s Choice Awards at iMapp Bucharest, the largest 3D projection mapping contest of the world in 2016. We are so damn proud! Interconnection was designed for the Romanian parliament building with the theme of connection – the connection between micro and macro, and the outer and inner universe. The message of Interconnection is the connection between the artwork and its audience, argumentative thinking and feelings, the individual and society – we often lose contact with the big picture, however, all of us are tiny particles of one cosmic network.

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