3D Projection Mapping Prices

3D Projection Mapping Prices


Author:István Dávid

Date:21 October 2017

“Absolutely mind blowing!” ” I can’t breath this is amazing.” “Just… what an amazing visual performance!”

These are some of the comments we got on our artworks lately. 3d projection mapping became one of the most spectacular forms of audio visual art. It’s a unique experience for any audience and it’s becoming a popular highlight of world class events.


“It’s brilliant! I have a client who’d love a projection mapping like that. What’s the price?”

We’ve got that question very often so let me give you a brief overview on what effects projection mapping price the most. These are the informations we definitely need to have to give you an estimated cost and here it is why.

  • Material of the projected surface – projection needs light coloured surface that doesn’t reflect the light. The darker your building is the more limited possibilities we’ll have in creating the artwork. Glass and other glossy type of surfaces need to be covered.
  • Size of the facade or surface you plan to project on – just like a puzzle, the bigger the surface is the more projectors will be needed to cover it all.
  • Possible projection distance – too short distances can cause a need of much more projectors for the same size of surface.
  • Possibility to darken the surrounding area – projection needs darkness, the darker you can have the surroundings the more cost effective your projection mapping show you’ll get.
  • Date and length of the event – the more time we have to prepare and schedule the better quality of 3d projection mapping artwork will be created.
  • Theme of the event – the more we know about the occasion the better ideas we can come up with.

With all these informations of your event and location we can give you an estimated projection mapping price.

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