Vivid Sydney at Chatswood, Sydney, Australia, 2019

Coexistence, our site-specific projection mapping artwork for Vivid Sydney at Chatswood has been a unique project in many aspects. Inspired by the cultural diversity of Chatswood and Australia, Coexistence explores the relations between the individual and the community from different angles. With an unusual dramaturgy, the piece is divided into different acts similar to a theatre play. Each of the acts presents a different scenario of the basic situation of an individual meeting a community, exploring the contrasts of exclusion and integration or acceptance and isolation by four different artists from the Limelight team. Thanks to the talented guys at Limelight for creating this unique piece of art that we are really proud of.

Producer: István David

Technical Supervisor: Viktor Vicsek

Art Director: Csaba Világosi

Motion Designers: András Nagy XYZ, Alex Riczkó, Soma Sárffi

Typography: Kevin Campean

Music: András Weil



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