Digital Art Fun in Greece

Digital Art Fun in GreeceADAF 2018

Label:Installations Business Projection 

Author:István Dávid

Date:27 May 2018

Greece has a special place in my heart since I spent some years there in my early twenties, learned the language and still have many friends around.

After finishing a light installation at Patchlab Festival in Krakow last October, Viktor was invited to bring that piece to Athens Digital Arts Festival. Unfortunately, we were busy with other projects, and couldn’t manage to spend enough time in Athens to deliver and build up the installation, but we just didn’t want to miss the entire festival. We decided to go and enjoy the festival, get inspired by amazing digital art pieces and performances.  I have to say that the festival far exceeded my expectations. Great selection of artworks and performances at a perfect location with enthusiastic and always helpful bunch of volunteers and all that for free! It was a pleasure hanging out with great folks from the visual world like Boris from Madmapper, the winner of all VJ battles VJVigas from Brazil, and the amazing guys from VideoMapping Mexico who all delivered great performances at the first ever LED mapping contest of the world. We had an amazing time! Thanks again to the fantastic team of organizers for putting together the festival, and we’ll surely have the dates in our calendar for next year. Efcharistume poly! We shared our experience with you in our insta stories but in case you missed those here’s a selection of the pieces we loved. In case you aren’t following us on Instagram well, you should be! Hit “follow” for a daily dose of projection mapping and light art: @limelight3dmapping.

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