First Among the Best Mappings

First Among the Best MappingsWhat an amazing start of 2017


Author:István Dávid

Date:03 October 2017

We’re just amazed by reading a blog post from Paul Roberts on the Creative Bloq about the 14 best mapping demos that will blow your mind! Guess who’s first? Hell yeah, it’s our Interconnection piece created for iMapp!

It just feels amazing to be mentioned among such great video mapping artists. So many great artworks in locations like the Sydney Opera House or the Sagrada Familia. Another important part is what the author thinks of projection mapping. After so many years, I can still rarely see people getting the point of that form of art so well.

“Often site-specific, the best work enhances rather than effaces the architecture it’s projected onto. The sheer scale can be breathtaking and the illusion of everyday and static objects around us becoming animate and playfully reworked can be incredibly exciting. Just look at the expressions on the audience’s faces during a projection and you see an almost childlike glee.”

We couldn’t have said it better.

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