From Macau to Norway Through the Love of Projection Mapping – Introducing CasberSign of Life

Label:Academy Projection 

Author:Zsuzsanna Benkó

Date:29 December 2018

Here we go again, this is part three of our series introducing the Masterclass Vol. 1 applicants. Meet Casber, Creative Director and Founder of a multimedia solution studio based in Macau.

He’s been working in the field of projection mapping since 2013, and his works include landmarks of Macau such as the Ruins of St Paul’s, the Dream Mall in Taiwan, the Niigata History Museum in Japan, and the Bellevue Palace in Germany. “I found out about Limelight Academy through Facebook, and I straight away got inspired to create the application video, so I didn’t hesitate,” says Casber. “International experience is something I value a lot, so I got excited about the opportunity of working with Limelight and their talented artists,” he adds.


Working with an experienced team during the Masterclass program has helped Casber a lot to further his skills and have a deeper understanding of projection mapping. Time pressure proved to be the most challenging for him though. “You have to balance between perfection and the tight deadline. I’ve struggled with that but I’ve learned a lot during the process.”

“I’ve felt such joy seeing my artwork on the silos in Norway,” Casber says. “Being surrounded by people enjoying our show, their appreciation and feedback made this experience so valuable for me.”

Do you want to hear Casber’s advice for the future Masterclass applicants? “It’s so worth it! Get out of your comfort zone, test your limits, own your project and you will be rewarded with a fantastic experience.” Thanks for joining us Casber, and keep up the good work!

Next up is Alex, who had no experience in projection mapping, yet he is now a member of the Limelight team. Stay tuned!

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