How to Survive a PlagueA Limelight Solution


Author:István Dávid

Date:22 March 2020

Art is our bread and butter. It only took a couple of days to lose all but one of our contracts for the next 6-8 months, which is not only heartbreaking, but it almost shattered our business. Humanity is experiencing a devastating time, but together we’ll get through this.

We are lucky enough to have long-term projects in the pipeline to keep us afloat, but the pandemic is taking away the essence of our work – the opportunity for people to experience our art in public in the company of thousands of others. Whilst many artists are designing their mapping artworks for YouTube, we’ve always been proud of creating events and immersive experiences where people can engage with our artwork in real life. COVID-19 has created a new narrative, and we are looking into ideas to make our art accessible online whilst providing the same quality and an unforgettable experience. We are also going to invest more energy into Limelight Academy, the education arm of our business, to share our knowledge and help emerging artists to find ways to create in this space, which is now more important than ever.


As for the business side of things - Limelight is a creative space, working mainly with freelancers and regular contributors. We are a close-knit team operating as a family, and when I decided to drastically lower my salary, our fantastic team has offered to lower their fees to help the company survive this period. This is a heartwarming act, and I cannot be more grateful to work with people like these guys. We are doing everything to keep the team together without any drastic changes, and we are constantly looking into new ways to make sure this creative space keeps on existing. This is our family and it’s our responsibility to take care of it for as long as we can.


I am positive about the future and believe that we’ll get through this. Together, interconnected – even in self-isolation. I truly believe in the power of art in raising awareness and uniting people, and this is something that we now need more than ever.

And a quick note to the organizers cancelling light festivals in September: have some faith in humanity, the Earth will keep spinning around. And we’ll be there, even if we are down to our last penny. This is not only our job, it’s our life.

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