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Limelight AcademyA Personal Note and Some Feedback

Label:Academy Projection 

Author:István Dávid

Date:15 July 2018

I had doubts about the number of applications when we launched the program and only had about 10 days before the deadline – due to many other projects we could only fit it to our timeline that way. Artist calls usually appear months before the deadline to allow enough time for spreading the word, and even like that, I often see deadlines extended due to the lack of applicants. We just didn’t have the chance to do it that way – when the idea came it was already late and we just didn’t want to miss the chance to start this exceptional program.

After all, it was truly surprising to see the number applications we received in such short time. I was trying hard to write personal feedback to every single one of you, and even managed to do so to some, but just can’t finish so I decided to write this blog post to give some feedback to the artists that we could not accept to the program this time We received 36 applications from 14 countries from truly great artists. We’re extremely grateful for this, guys, and we particularly appreciate your efforts in creating your introduction videos. We can’t thank you enough so thank you again! Let me give you a little background on why we launched the program and what was the method of choosing the applicants that were accepted to the program. Our goal with this first ever Projection Mapping Masterclass was to give an opportunity to artists that are already experienced in creating animations. We’d like to share with them our knowledge based mostly on our experience specifically in creating animation content for 3D projection mapping artworks in a way that the result will not only look good on your monitors or a white screen but also projected onto a real building. Because of that, we definitely had to say no to all those applicants (quite many actually) who are great graphic designers or artists, but do not have sufficient knowledge of creating animation yet. An important goal of this Masterclass is to create high quality artworks for the festival in September, and creating high quality animation doesn’t happen from one day to another. So all of you who applied and are still beginners in animation, please keep it up, work hard and get back to us next year – your time will surely come, and we’ll be glad to accept you to another class when your skills are more advanced. Another important criteria was to choose 5 artists who also have different styles and concepts to get different artworks for the festival. Some of you we just could not choose simply because you were great but there was someone even greater with the same style or type of concept. As one of the other main purpose of the program was to give support and feedback to young and talented projection mappers, we decided to share more professional advice and start discussions on topics that you can only learn from experience in our Facebook group that was originally created for Q&A of the Academy program. So whoever is interested in professional tips and news about other programs we’re planning to start at the Academy, please join our Facebook group and feel free to ask your questions, share your experience with all those interested in the way of projection mapping and light art we believe in. Again, we’re truly grateful to all of you for applying – it means that it’s worth sharing our knowledge, develop the projection mapping scene towards creating high quality artworks.

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