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Date:24 June 2018

“Education should be free – work should be paid for”

There is a growing number of mapping contests all around the world with different structures and money prize pools. What is common in almost all of them is that they only pay artists for their work in case they win the contest. There’s no professional help or specific education for projection mapping that is for experienced animators entering the contests who have no or limited knowledge and experience in projection mapping, especially outdoors and in large scale.

Limelight as a collective has members that were among the pioneers of projection mapping. Creating artworks since the 90s, we have gathered a vast amount of experience in an artform that can basically be learned only by practice. We’d like to inspire young talents with our perspective, knowledge and experience just as much as we like to get inspired by their fresh thoughts and energy. At the end of last year, we were asked by the organisers of Ghent Light Festival in Belgium to help their young talent Nele Fack with preparing her projection mapping artwork for the festival. Nele had experience in creating animations and VJing and had a more or less ready concept but also serious doubts about how she can develop it and how it will work on the facade she had to work with. She came to visit the Limelight HQ in Budapest for 3 days, and then she reconsidered and finished her artwork for the festival and created a beautiful piece. We strongly believe that artists like us have the chance and the responsibility to share our knowledge and experience with the future generation of projection mapping artists, and we were looking for a way that is accessible for anyone who is passionate, willing to learn and work hard to create amazing projection mapping artworks in the future. The result of the above is Limelight Academy with our first ever projection mapping masterclass in cooperation with Factory Light Festival in Norway. It’s the launch of a long-term program in which we offer young talents the opportunity to attend and learn from our collective.

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