Limelight Academy – The First Time is the Best Time

Limelight Academy – The First Time is the Best Time

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Date:02 October 2018

Limelight Academy that was born of our Co-Founder, István’s sudden idea, grew into a worldwide, one-of-a-kind program within weeks that he’s now very proud of, and, in his words, “it’s like it’s been with us forever.”

And what an amazing start that was! We built up the program in a week and landed our first Projection Mapping Masterclass with Factory Light Festival in Norway. It’s been a dream of István’s to work with them – and dreams come true, right? The idea of Limelight Academy was to: • Share our knowledge, especially things that can’t be learned at schools • Give an alternative to mapping contests for young talents to create great artworks with professional support and feedback • Developing a pipeline of talents that can later be part of the Limelight network and collaborators for future projects • Establish long-term partnerships with light festivals to deliver new artworks and artists with an international education program • Have fun, lots of it And this is what happened: • Found 5 great talents and 4 of them managed to complete the program and are very happy with the knowledge they obtained • The artworks created by the applicants were great in quality and a great success as well at the festival • Two of the program members collaborated with us already on a Limelight project and we’re planning to work with the other two artists as well in the future, so they didn’t only gain knowledge but future opportunities as well • Factory Light Festival wants to continue the program with us,  and we received further requests from other light festivals even before the first Masterclass was finished – we’re announcing the next one in two weeks • We definitely had a great time! Do you want to have fun with us? Follow updates,

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