Limelight in the Limelight

Limelight in the Limelight

Label:Academy Projection 

Author:István Dávid

Date:08 November 2018

It’s the second time already, and it still moves me. I was so overwhelmed with gratefulness and happiness looking at my screen, seeing the 72 applications from 26 countries, and the enthusiasm you all shared. 

We have applicants that have a vast amount of experience, and are winners of mapping contests that the Academy aims at offering an alternative for. That’s just a-m-a-z-i-n-g. It’s fucking exhausting, but I kinda want to have a Masterclass every month. Every week. As often as we can. The overwhelming reaction from the scene and the community is proof that this is what we have to do, this is something that you all missed and are happy to have. We are happy to provide you with this opportunity, and we are going to push this as far as we can.


Obviously, we’re a bit sad, too, since we can’t accept all of you, guys. We had many applications that are absolutely great and meet our requirements, but we could not accept them due to the limited number of seats we have in the program. I’d like to encourage you all to follow our Limelight Academy group, stay tuned, and apply again to future programs – we’ll do our best to have new opportunities for you as, as I’ve mentioned already, we provide something that is missing from the mapping scene. Our successful candidates for the international seats that we were able to increase to 4 are: Ky Duyen Nguyen from Vietnam, Tim Jockel from Germany, Willem Mertens from Belgium and Jakub Zuscin from Slovakia. For the 2 seats for candidates from New South Wales, Australia, the successful candidates are: MinJeong Lee and Alice Peacock.

Congrats to all of you and thanks again, we’re honoured to have received so many amazing applications.

Love & Peace,

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