A Year of LimelightThe 2019 Edition

Label:Installations Academy Projection 

Author:István Dávid

Date:12 February 2020

What a year 2019 has been! We’ve had a really busy end of last year, and 2020 started with a bang, so here’s my belated reflection on the fantastic opportunities we had in 2019. Let me just say, I’m really honored for all the opportunities and I will forever cherish the memories we’ve made. 

2019 was definitely the best year Limelight has had so far, which is saying something after a really strong 2018 - I still can’t believe we outdid ourselves again! Last year was full of new beginnings and new challenges: new team, new projects, and most importantly, new artworks and new audiences. 

Some firsts we had in 2019:

Other milestones included:

  • Opening our San Francisco office 
  • Moving into a new large studio space
  • Growing the team with a new Project Manager, a Back Office Manager and a new Motion Designer
  • Successfully managing two other Masterclasses in the frames of our Limelight Academy program
  • Collaborating with some of the previous Masterclass artists on real projects - this is what Limelight Academy is all about! 
  • Our new light art installation, Tardigrade (Water Bear) was born and has already been exhibited at three international festivals
  • Talking Heads, our light art installation continued its tour around the world, and it was exhibited in Hong Kong and in Niagara Falls, Ontario

So yes, I think we can say we had a productive and very busy 2019. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything! Let’s hope this year is just as productive and successful as 2019 was. Here’s to new projects, new places and new partnerships! 

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