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Label:Academy Projection 

Author:Zsuzsanna Benkó

Date:09 December 2018

As Masterclass Vol. 2 is well under its way, we look back at Limelight Academy’s first program and introduce you to the talented applicants, who will tell you about their views on Limelight Academy and the highs and lows of Masterclass Vol 1. We start the series off by introducing Soma, a Hungarian motion graphic designer.

Soma is a full-time motion graphics designer who didn’t have much experience with 3d projection mapping before but he has always been fascinated by this form of art. When Limelight announced their first Masterclass, he knew he had to jump on the opportunity. “I’ve been admiring Limelight’s work for a while, and I knew this was my chance to learn from one of the best artists of this field,” he says. Well, thanks Soma, we are flattered!

For someone with little experience in projection mapping, seeing his own work admired by thousands of people in a country he’s never been to, Masterclass Vol. 1 was a pretty epic experience for Soma. Learning the steps of the creative process and putting his ideas into a tangible concept proved to be the most challenging for him. “Csaba helped a lot and I learned how to translate my ideas into a 3d mapping project. I wish we could have more time with Viktor, his vast experience in projection mapping seemed like an endless source of information,” says Soma.

Seeing his work viewed by so many people at once was one of the most satisfying experiences according to him. And this is what Limelight Academy is about. We give these young and talented artist the time and space to create something beautiful. “I really enjoyed the whole journey of Masterclass Vol 1. I’m grateful for the things I’ve learned, the people I’ve met and the friends I’ve made,” says Soma.

And what is Soma’s advice to the future Masterclass applicants? “Listen and learn, these guys will be dropping serious knowledge bombs.” Thanks, Soma – we are proud of your journey!

Next up in the series is Kasia, an architect from Poland. Stay tuned!

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