Never Stop Creating

Label:Technical Business Academy Projection 

Author:Zsuzsanna Benkó

Date:08 July 2020

Every now and then, we have the opportunity to create an artwork purely out of our love and passion for art. This year, the Video Mapping Festival in Lille was one of these projects. France is the birthplace of projection mapping, and our artwork was sort of an ode to these French roots.

There’s always a large audience at the Lille Video Mapping Festival so we wanted to take this opportunity to represent the Limelight philosophy through our artwork. We’ve experimented with a lot of stuff that are very labor intensive, but they transform and reinterpret the building in many ways. These added elements brought the building even more in focus which isn’t what we’d normally do.

The concept behind our artwork was the power of creation – be it constructive or destructive. Parallel life cycles of birth, decay and rebirth follow one another. When we decided to take this direction, we had no idea that a global pandemic is on its way with all of its destructive power. We couldn’t believe the irony of it!

So, what do you do when you have an artwork ready to be viewed by the audience but said audience is in quarantine? You keep creating. We decided to showcase our artwork in a new format: we 3D printed a 1:40 model of the original building of the Opera House of Lille, projected the artwork onto the model and live streamed it to the audience. We also hosted a Q&A session after the live stream to engage with those who joined us for this very special project.

We wanted to show that we, as a collective, are strong and we are here to stay. We couldn’t let the pandemic take this project away from us, and we certainly didn’t pour our heart into it so it can sit in the drawers. And the living proof that rebirth always follows is that our artwork, Micromonumental Mapping was invited to be showcased in the US. I guess you can say that we’ve created a new dimension of projection mapping!

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