New York Fashion Week with rag & bone

Label:Business Projection 

Author:Zsuzsanna Benkó

Date:29 February 2020

Working for an established brand and having complete artistic freedom is quite rare in our line of work. Working for a brand with values that we can identify ourselves with, well, that’s the cherry on top!

Co-Founder and Head Designer Marcus Wainwright has been playing with the idea of a fashion show that wasn’t all about the clothes. He wanted to shift the attention to some of the more pressing issues of our society – something that Limelight’s art stands for, but we’ve only really been able to do for light festivals. Lucky for us, rag & bone was 100% committed to create something more daring, even for the standards of NYFW, and we are very grateful to the team for this opportunity.

We’ve never worked with fashion shows where visuals are really just an accessory. In this case, however, our biggest task was to bring the background in focus to enable the visuals to complement the clothes. Contrary to traditional projection mapping, we were not guided by the architectural elements of the surface but the message behind the storyline. We had a very intense pre-existing music to work with and a tight deadline, but our team worked relentlessly to create epic 3D visuals.

This was our first ever project in New York and the largest to date in the US. We worked with a big team, involving some of the talented Limelight Academy alumni (cheers Alex, Soma, and Tommy!). The collaboration between Limelight, rag & bone and LDJ Productions was smooth and we are forever grateful for the memories we created. Marcus guided the inspiration behind the creative concept and left us with complete freedom to bring it to life.

Creating visuals for a fashion show was a steep learning curve but we thoroughly enjoyed this new venture into the fashion industry. Limelight’s brand purpose fits well with rag & bone’s values, so we were more than happy to say yes to this project.

Thanks again to rag & bone for this opportunity, and to the team for all the hard work they had put into it - looks pretty badass, doesn’t it?

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