"Push yourself, go the extra mile and don't hesitate to ask questions!"Meet Limelight Academy Alumna Ky Duyen

Label:Academy Projection 

Author:Zsuzsanna Benkó

Date:22 October 2019

Ky Duyen, a young Vietnam-based artist started out as a video maker when she went to college with the intention to study film. “My interest slowly shifted to making small scale installations using projection mapping technique once I realized that I didn’t have to restrict my work to a rectangle screen,” says Ky Duyen. She has been following Limelight for a while, but she missed the deadline of the first Masterclass. “When I read about the second one, I applied in a heartbeat.”

“Her talent was undoubtable,” says Limelight Co-Founder, István Dávid. “There was so much potential in Ky Duyen but her previous works didn’t quite have the complexity required for our Projection Mapping Masterclass. It was a steep learning curve for her, but she put in the extra time and effort required to create more complex visual elements, and boy she did it well! Her artwork was next level,” he adds.

“My challenges mostly came from the reflective aspect of the building’s material. I wasn’t too concerned with it until my work was projected, and many details were barely visible. However, the Limelight team helped me adjust the contrasts and saturation using techniques that I hadn’t used before and that improved my work significantly,” Ky Duyen reflects on her progress.

Ky Duyen’s diligence was obvious from the beginning, but she also had an outstanding understanding of the harmony of sound and visual. “This is always one of the biggest challenges during our Masterclass program. We provide some ideas on sound design, but after that artists are left to their own devices,” says István.

“It was pretty surreal even thinking about it now that I got to show my work at Vivid Sydney at Chatswood,” said Ky Duyen when we asked her about the experience she had. “The Masterclass program definitely helped me getting more opportunities and to work on different mapping projects,” she adds.

István thinks Ky Duyen has a bright future in front of her and we can’t wait to see how she progresses in her art!

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