“Taking the Masterclass Program Was Like Being Put In a Pressure Cooker.”Introducing Masterclass Vol. 2 Alumna, Min

Label:Academy Projection 

Author:Zsuzsanna Benkó

Date:03 November 2019

Minjeong Lee is a visual artist from South Korea who came across Limelight Academy whilst browsing projection mapping artworks on Vimeo. “I was amazed by the quality of work, especially seeing “Awakening” by Alex Riczkó (Masterclass Vol. 1 artist and now Limelight team member) for Factory Light Festival in Norway. I have wanted to work on a personal project for a long time so when the Masterclass program came up, I took the dive.”

Min had a strong portfolio and previous experience in projection mapping, but her old projects relied on teamwork. “The Masterclass program output depended on myself and myself only,” she says. “Although there were multiple technical aspects to the project that were very tricky such as resolution and animation, the hardest part was working to a deadline on such a large personal project. I have never had to handle such an immense undertaking from start to completion. I resolved this by putting my head down and relying on my own work ethic. It came down to better workflow, time management and producing output, even if it wasn’t as I had planned.”

“Min’s concept was not your usual construction/de-construction of the building,” says Limelight Academy Co-Founder István Dávid. “By selecting applicants with different styles to the Masterclass program, we aim to showcase the opportunities that projection mapping offers. Min’s artwork was less dynamic, almost meditative, which in the end worked out really well on the building.”

“I’ve had the opportunity to interact with talented artists from all over the world and see their differences in workflow, communication, and conceptualizing. The experience really gave me perspective as to how others work” – Min explains her experience with the Masterclass.

Thank you for coming on this journey with us Min, the pleasure was ours!

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