Talking Heads Around the World – An Installation by Viktor Vicsek

Talking Heads Around the World – An Installation by Viktor Vicsek


Author:Zsuzsanna Benkó

Date:12 December 2018

Over the course of the last couple of weeks, international media including The Economist and Business Insider covered Limelight Co-Founder Viktor Vicsek’s spectacular installation, Talking Heads, which is now part of the Light Art Collection of Amsterdam Light Festival. And to top that, a photo of Talking Heads is now also available in the Getty Images library. What is fame if not this?

The installation has been travelling the world, and you might have had the chance to see it at various light festivals including the Norrköping Light Festival, the Toronto Light Festival, the Amsterdam Light Festival and, most recently, the Pulse Light Festival in Hong Kong.


The installation consists of two heads interacting with each other through countless emotions. But how can two artificial heads communicate without facial muscles and nerves? Unlike us, humans, Talking Heads do the job with over 4,000 individually controllable LED lights per head, which provide different facial expressions. Everything is possible by means of light in the world of Limelight, right?

“Seeing Talking Heads being admired by hundreds of thousands of people around the world is greatly satisfying and makes me really proud. We hope to bring this piece of art to even more places so more people can enjoy it” – says Viktor.

The installation is currently on display at the Pulse Light Festival in Hong Kong until February 24, 2019. Check it out if you are around and tag us in your photos!

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