Talking Heads, Projection Mapping for ITU

ITU Telecom World 2019 Conference, Budapest, Hungary, 2019

Artist: Viktor Vicsek

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The interactive show with 3D visuals by Limelight at the ITU Telekom World 2019 conference built on the topic of cooperation and communication. Talking Heads, an important part of the show is a light installation by light artist and Limelight Co-Founder Viktor Vicsek that have travelled the world from Hong Kong to Toronto, Amsterdam, Norrköping and Montreal. The two artificial heads communicate without facial muscles and express countless emotions with over 4,000 individually controllable LED lights per head. Cultural relations and influence are the oldest forms of communication. We invited the participants of the ITU Telekom World 2019 conference on an exciting journey that demonstrated how humans have coded communications in art from ancient times to today and into the future.

Talking Heads is part of the Light Art Collection of Amsterdam Light Festival.

Video: Kevin Harald Campean




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