“The Masterclass gave a lot of insight into Limelight’s technical and creative process”Introducing Masterclass Vol. 2 artist, Willem

Label:Academy Projection 

Author:Zsuzsanna Benkó

Date:22 November 2019

Willem, a motion designer and video artist living in Ghent, Belgium is next in our series of posts introducing the Masterclass Vol. 2 participants. "I spent a big part of my childhood drawing, a dull moment was an opportunity for me to dive into my own world. I expanded my toolkit with digital software and got into graphic design," says Willem. While studying graphic art, he started appreciating film and cinema. "This made me fall in love with the moving picture," he adds.

Willem came across our Projection Mapping Masterclass through a friend of his who had previously applied. Within a limited timeframe, he put together a reel and an introduction video and we were hooked. Willem had some previous experience with projection mapping, but not on a building. “He had a very exciting concept, inspired by the mating dance of the bird-of-paradise that he saw in a documentary,” remembers Limelight Co-Founder, István Dávid. “Willem’s concept evolved throughout the Masterclass, which is a great example of how Skype consultations, trial and error and experimenting can result in a complex, detailed and mature artwork. This is how we work in our studio, and we encourage our Masterclass artists to be open for new impressions and ideas when it comes to their concept,” he adds.

“Being able to ask questions and getting a glimpse behind the scenes of some larger projects of Limelight was enlightening. The projection mapping process from start to finish is pretty challenging. If one piece in the chain fails, it can potentially ruin the end result. After completing the Projection Mapping Masterclass, I feel like I have a better understanding of the different steps in the process and their challenges,” Willem reflects on his experience.

“It was amazing to see my own and other artist’ artwork in this scale. After seeing it mostly on a computer screen for a few months, it’s really satisfying to see it in real life,” he adds.

So, what did Willem say when we asked whether he would apply to the Projection Mapping Masterclass again? “Yes, yes, yes! Not only I was able to go to Sydney twice, I got to meet many great people that love animation and projection mapping as much as I do. Being able to pick the brains of the experts of Limelight even after the program is over is so very precious!”

Thanks Willem, we’ve really enjoyed working with you - keep up the good work!

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