MASTERCLASS VOL. 2 / Sydney, Australia


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It was truly inspiring to see the number applications we received in the short time that was allowed for our first 3D Projection Mapping Masterclass. We received 36 applications from 14 countries from truly great artists. We were extremely grateful for this, and we particularly appreciated the efforts applicants put into creating introduction videos.

Our goal with the first ever Projection Mapping Masterclass was to give an opportunity to artists that are already experienced in creating animations. We’d like to share our knowledge with them based mostly on our experience in creating animation content for 3D projection mapping artworks in a way that the result will not only look good on monitors or a white screen but also projected onto a real building. Because of that, we definitely had to say no to all those applicants (quite many actually) who are great graphic designers or artists, but do not have sufficient knowledge of creating animation yet. Thanks guys, can't wait to see more of you!


Thanks to all who participated and supported our second Masterclass, after a 3-month training program, five youngsters from different parts of the world got the opportunity to present their work at Vivid Sydney, the biggest light festival of the world. At a 5-day workshop and a site visit in Sydney, our founders and artists provided participants with hard-to-obtain knowledge that basically laid the foundation for the success of their projects. The theme for the festival this year was Peace, Love and Music that our team and the participants built their artworks around, which were presented in Sydney with great success. Check out the works below!




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