MASTERCLASS VOL. 3 / Slemmestad, Norway


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We'd like to thank everyone who applied to our third Masterclass. The time and effort you put into your application is truly appreciated. We've received nearly 40 applications from talented artists all over the globe and we've chosen 5 artists to participate in Masterclass Vol. 3. As always, the toughest part was to select 5 people out of the many talented artists that applied to our Masterclass. We really wish we could have taken you all along this amazing journey but be sure to know that this wasn't our last Masterclass! Keep you eyes peeled and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be the first to know about any upcoming Masterclasses. Last but not least, congratulations to the 5 artists that in one way or another stood out from the crowd! The successful candidates are: Anna Bacheva from Bulgaria, Tommaso Rinaldi from Italy, Kobe Roels from Belgium, Rodrigo Guzman from Mexico and Maja Korpi from Sweden. Well done guys! We can't wait to see your progress during this program. Watch out Factory Light Festival, we are coming!




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