3D Projection Mapping Masterclass with Vivid Sydney at Chatswood

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What is this?

Limelight Academy, a worldwide one-of-a-kind concept, was born from the idea to create an alternative to mapping contests for light festivals and a unique education program for young talents from around the world. Unlike mapping contests, we offer our applicants financial and professional support for their work - you don’t need to create content without help in order to be chosen, participants are selected based on their portfolio and dedication to the project. By teaming up with light festivals, we offer the opportunity to young mapping talents to show their work to a wide audience.

A message and invitation from Vivid Sydney at Chatswood

Each year in Chatswood, Sydney, Australia, Willoughby City Council curates a precinct for Vivid Sydney. Our focus for 2020 is on developing the next generation of artists. The second Projection Mapping Masterclass with Limelight Academy is the flagship education offering at Vivid Sydney at Chatswood. We are looking for talented animators and creatives who want to up-level their skills and create an awesome piece of content. 


Who is it for?

The Masterclass is a program that gives upcoming artists an opportunity to broaden their knowledge and understanding of video mapping and motion design. It was designed for artists with previous experience in animation and motion design. If you are new to this field, Masterclass may not be for you. However, a unique artistic view and approach can weigh more than perfect 3D skills when it comes to our decision making. We’re not looking for perfection – it’s important for us that there’s a good balance among the participants in terms of style, and we choose the best applicant for each style we want to see represented. You might have a great idea, but your animations skills need some improvement and that’s absolutely fine. Some skills can’t be taught and may well be more valuable in the decision making! Read more about requirements here.

Who are we?

With the start of a Masterclass program in 2018, Limelight Projection Mapping, a team of pioneering light artists that have been creating artworks since the 90s, with a vast amount of experience in an art form that can basically be learned only by practice, launched a long-term program. Since then, we have successfully completed three Masterclass programs with 15 participants, and 15 amazing artworks.

Limelight Academy Projection Mapping Masterclass Vol. 4

We are looking for candidates to create 3-4-minute long light / 3D projection mapping artworks for the festival precinct of Chatswood at Vivid Sydney. We are choosing six applicants, two from New South Wales, Australia and four applicants from around the world, who get the chance to get admitted into our program with the best educators from a team of projection mapping pioneers. Limelight is determined to work with female artists as well, who still rarely get the chance to make a name for themselves in the industry. As last year, we aim to bring 3 male and 3 female artists into the program, however, artistic and professional qualities and the applicants’ dedication to the project are key in the selection process.

The workshop includes sessions on:

  • Technical background
  • Technical experiment on a maquette
  • Projection mapping history/background/philosophy
  • The creative process from inspiration to the final render
  • Aesthetics, storyboarding
  • Integration of architectural specifics
  • Site specific challenges
  • Projecting on different surfaces
  • Animation techniques, visual tricks and tips
  • Individual challenges


The deadline for registration with your portfolio, introduction video, and creative concept is November 18, 2019. Register as soon as possible, so we have enough time for getting a deep understanding into your work.

What you get

  1. A 4-month education program with us
  2. Continuous consultancy
  3. A site visit and a 5-day workshop in Sydney, Australia with the pioneers of 3D projection mapping
  4. Flights and accommodation covered by us
  5. Your work will be a part of Vivid Sydney at Chatswood in Sydney, Australia
  6. An amazing Australian experience in May, 2020 with accommodation

Important dates

Deadline for registration with your portfolio, introduction video, and written concept: November 18, 2019

Announcement of participants: November 20, 2019

Sydney site visit and workshop: January 6-10, 2020

A 1-minute long part of the final artwork should be completed by March 15, 2020

Artworks should be fully completed by April 30, 2020

Vivid Sydney festival: May, 2020 

  1. This program is for individual artists.
  2. In order to apply for the program, you need to have some experience in creating animation. Send your portfolio of light artworks and other relevant projects and register by filling in this Google form. We need dedicated candidates that are willing to put all their creative energies into this program. A warning: there’s no app for that. Please be just as dedicated as we are to provide you with the professional help and education you need to progress, based on our 15+ years of experience in projection mapping.
  3. Please, register with your portfolio, a short video in which you tell us why you are the best candidate for the project, and the creative concept for your work in writing, 5-7 sentences. Your introduction video must contain footage of yourself talking about your motivation to join the program. This is a way for us to get to know you better and learn about your level of English as well. Throughout the program, we are going to use English as the language of communication, and it’s important to understand each other well. Find a great example of the introduction video here from our Limelight Academy Vol. 1 alumnus, Casber. Register as soon as possible, so we have time for getting a deep understanding into your work.  
  4. Based on your concept, we are going to be able to tailor workshops to your needs, so please be as specific as possible. Share your questions and doubts with us – remember, this is not a contest.
  5. We are choosing 6 candidates from Australia and around the world, who get the chance to take part in a 4-month education program with the experts and leading artists of Limelight 3D projection mapping.
  1. In case you are chosen, you get a first Skype consultation to help you map out a plan of visits to Sydney, Australia, and an education plan for the project. Your travel and accommodation costs are covered by us – round-trip flights to Sydney, Australia for the site visit and the workshop, accommodation, and an amazing Australian experience at the festival with a round-trip flight ticket to Sydney and accommodation.
  2. You will have regular Skype consultations with the experts and leading artists of Limelight 3D Projection Mapping as you progress with your project with insider information and learning from significant projection mapping projects that you can use for your project. We will follow your progress and offer you continuous support.
  3. Besides the site visit, we are going to provide you with a 3D model of the building you will have to work with, and the projection template for your work. Our workshop will cover the knowledge you need to create the ideal content for projection mapping considering the building, the theme and your creative vision.
  4. You will travel with the team including our artists and the other 5 candidates to Sydney, Australia, and after the preparation session together, you will present your artwork as part of the festival to an audience of professionals as well as light art enthusiasts from around the world.
  5. As our team is constantly growing, you might get the opportunity to work with us in the future on one of our amazing projects at a cool place like Melbourne, Singapore, Bangkok, you name it.
  6. You will have lots of fun with a team of experts and artists with 15+ years of experience in 3D projection mapping, and a learning experience you cannot get from schools.

Join our team for some fun and many more!

By applying,
you accept
the following terms

You are free to attend the workshop in Sydney, Australia between January 6-10, 2020

You are free to attend the festival in Sydney, Australia in May, 2020

Limelight Academy is entitled to name you as alumni of the academy

You are only entitled to use your own content or content that you have the rights to use

By the end of the masterclass, you must create a 3-4-minute long artwork for the festival

You mustn’t publish anything about the theme until March 15, 2020



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